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An interview with Zunair Imtiaz, the musician running to be Activities Officer

Policies include charity gigs and an online music portal

For those who don't know you, sum yourself up in a sentence.

My name is Zunair Imtiaz. I'm running for the position of Activities Officer. I'm very enthusiastic about whatever I do and I believe in "make activities fair, vote for Zunair."

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Zunair Imtiaz, running for Activities Officer in the SU election

Why did you decide to run for Activities Officer?

I've been part of the Uni of Sheffield for about four years now and I have been an active member of a lot of societies and volunteering activities. Through my experience there were some aspects that I really wanted to improve and introduce as I stated in my manifesto.

Secondly, and most importantly, being a musician and vocalist myself I wanted to create an online music portal that incorporates with Sheffield MUSE, hence calling it "muse-ic." The purpose of this portal overlaps with my other policy of more musical events such as gigs and concerts that can contribute towards charities and fundraising.

On muse-ic we can advertise all these gigs extensively. People can buy tickets, attend gigs and be a part of them if they want to perform. Apart from that, students can share their music, DJ tracks, collaborate with other students with the same interests and make their own music. And all the funds that'll be raised for these events should be generously donated towards charities.

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Zunair singing in a recent video

How have you found the campaign process so far?

The campaign process has been quite interesting actually. From spending hours walking around campus when the forces of nature were against us, to knocking on doors at student accommodation and finally finding lectures to shoutout while the strike was going on was challenging but I enjoyed it.

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Zunair's campaign poster

What do you like about Sheffield the most?

I'd rather rephrase it as what I don't like about Sheffield. And the answer is nothing. From its friendly people to its international diversity to West Street shenanigans and the lit Carver Street. Oh, and the perfect Lucky Fox chicken followed by a hot Steam Yard cappuccino. I love everything about it. "Ey up mate!"

And what's the feedback been like on your music video?

Well since it's a rendition of Arctic Monkeys, "Do I Want To Know?", We all know what prestige they hold, not just in Sheffield, but with anyone who loves rock pop.

But people have immensely enjoyed it, especially the rap bit which has attracted a lot of attention since it's the first time I tried it. Everyone loved the rap bit and the house touch to the actual tune. Of course there's been some negative criticism too but I never take it personally.