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The official garms for Varsity 2018 are back in store

Black and gold is SO this season

Varsity is fast approaching which can only mean one thing; the return of the official Varsity garms and accessories. The University shop is fully stocked in all the must-have black and gold t-shirts/jumpers, not to mention a few other goodies, ideal for training or just showing the love for Uni of.

Either way, now is the time to get your wardrobe up to date on what we are all hoping will be another victory for Uni of (sorry not sorry Hallam). So here you have the low down on all the super stylish gear you can get your hands on to bleed black and gold this semester.

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These jumpers are also available in black, in the t-shirt variety and with the option to personalise. This collection is possibly the most popular varsity stash on campus. Wear it around uni and at all the varsity games. Or why not get yourself an oversized fit t-shirt for some new pyjamas because black and gold ain't just a style for the daytime. Plus both varieties are super comfy.

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Go retro with a black and yellow baseball jacket, ideal for the ice hockey match which will kick off the varsity period on Wednesday 21st March. If you're part of a sports team or just the ultimate gym lad, be sure to get yourself a varsity sports bra. They are true to size, great quality and very comfy.

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Another for the Sheffield gals. These shorts and leggings are a perfect way to complete your gym wardrobe and match the sports bra – who doesn't love a good co-ord? Team with a Varsity t-shirt if you feel like going the extra mile in representing our beloved Sheffield. The t-shirt is a great training top because of its lightweight and breathable fabric. It also goes great with the men's and women's shorts, in case you weren't already tempted.

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If you want to save a few pennies but can't resist all the merch Sheffield has to offer, get yourself a hat. Or if you're more of an accessories person, team these hats with the official Varsity scarf, a staple for Northern weather. Both items understated but still carry the black and gold 'I love Sheff vibe. With these, it's a win win situation. Unless you're a hater of hat hair and knit wear of course.

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Now it is possible that not everyone is a fan of the black and gold colour scheme. We totally get it, it can be hard to make yellow or 'gold' flattering. Or maybe you just have a fear of bumble bees which is totally erm normal? If this does sound like you, then the navy jumper is your go to garm. No one looks bad in navy, it's a great colour. This jumper is the Switzerland of all the Varsity stash. You might have connections with some Uni of and Hallam folk (you traitor), in which case a neutral jumper is ideal to join the fun but avoid taking sides.

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Be a bit different and go for the black and white training vest. It's classy and stylish, not to mention a fabulous gym top. This lightweight number will go with just about any style of patterned gym leggings and shorts whilst still giving off those patriotic feels.

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After all that chanting, you'll need a water bottle to quench the thirst. At just £4.50, this is a must-have item to have in your Sheffield merch collection. Stay hydrated kids.

It's a flag. It's black and gold. It's a quid. You know you want it. Enough said.