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Reports of contractors tearing down university strike posters

They were also pictured washing away chalk solidarity messages

Reports are emerging of contract workers removing posters and washing away chalked solidarity messages supporting the strike action taking place across campus.

According to a student who is taking part in the demonstrations, contractors wearing high vis jackets were seen ripping down posters on the SU concourse which related to the UCU strike.

The University of Sheffield told The Tab that neither the university nor their contract workers were responsible.

The contractors were also apparently not removing the posters relating to the upcoming SU officer elections, which suggests they were purposefully sent to take down posters directly relating to the strike action.

Students intervened and stopped them tearing down the posters, and so for now they remain intact.

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Similar events are being reported all over the University of Sheffield campus, such as at Jessop West, but with the Union being an independent entity, it's been deemed by staff and students as unacceptable as it undermines the autonomy of the Student's Union.

Contractors have also been seen washing away student's chalk messages and drawings on pavements around campus, such as those saying "Students in support of the strike".

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Fran, a third year Sheffield History student told The Tab: "This is a direct attack on freedom of speech.

"If they think they can whitewash these strikes and these demonstrations, they’re very wrong."