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Application for Hillsborough Park gigs withdrawn

There were rumours that the Arctic Monkey’s had put in the application

Sheffield City Council has confirmed that the application for the Arctic Monkeys' highly anticipated homecoming gigs has been officially withdrawn.

Sources close to the band, originally from High Green, claim that Alex Turner and Co, were the subjects of the application and were seemingly going to play four nights of live music in September.

However, due to reasons unknown, promotions company UKSJM, has unexpectedly pulled out.

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Don't sit down, coz they've moved the gig

Until recently, signs like this could be seen on the fences at Hillsborough Park, however they will now be taken down.

A Sheffield City Council spokesperson told VIBE: "We can confirm that SJM concerts has withdrawn the licensing application for Hillsborough Park. We don't know why as of yet."

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Hillsborough Park

The four, who haven't performed live since 2014, are expected to release their sixth album later this year, having already been announced at FireFly Festival in the U.S. and TRSNMT in Scotland, amongst others.

Despite announcing a string of live tour dates, the band have notably turned down Tramlines, which lead to increased speculation that they had their own plans to perform in their home town.

Whether they'll still perform in the City of Steel remains unclear after the Councils' revelations. I guess we'll all just have to just suck it and see.