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Everything you need to know about Sheffield’s very first cat cafe

Cat lovers rejoice

Last year, Sheffield’s first ever cat cafe opened its doors. Tabby Teas on Cemetery Road is currently home to 12 cats, who have all been re-homed from rescue shelters.

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Cat Cafes have been popping up in a number of cities across the UK in recent years, such as Manchester, London and Newcastle. With a high number of cafes and coffee houses already in Sheffield, new places need to make themselves stand out in order to attract visitors and combining cats and coffee is certainly one way to do this. Tabby Teas is a lovely mix of the two with an animal friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

There 's a selection of cakes, teas and coffees to choose from, priced between £1 and £2.50, as well as vegan and gluten free options. The cafe is also filled with, cushions, toys and an overhead cat jungle for the felines to wonder around at their own free will while you enjoy a coffee.

Booking in advance is advised

While they do offer walk in tables, booking in advance is advised in order to guarantee a table, particularly on weekends and bank holidays due to popularity and space. Also, as the cafe is home for the cats it would be unfair to overwhelm them by having too many people there at once.

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Each cat is gifted their own name and personality

All of the cats living at the cafe have been given their own names and personalities, including a three-legged cat named Tripod and Olaf, who has become popular enough to have an entire Instagram account dedicated to his escapades.

The welfare of the cats is important

For as long as cat cafes have existed there's been opposition to the idea, calling them unfair. After all, animals are not just to be used for our entertainment.

However, the staff at Tabby Teas have re-homed the 12 cats from animal shelters and make sure they receive plenty of love and care at the cafe. There’s also an entry fee, costing £2.50 per person per half hour, but all money goes to looking after the cats who live at Tabby Teas as well as supporting local pet charities.

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Furthermore, the owners make sure that the environment is relaxing and calming for both the customers and the cats – none of the cats here are scared of people or made to feel uncomfortable in the cafe.

Which means there's house rules for visitors

As this is a place with animals, the owners understandably ask for customers to acknowledge certain rules to protect both themselves and the cats. Cats, while cute and cuddly, are animals and don’t react nicely to being pestered and poked. While you may want to pick them up and cuddle it’s worth remembering that they’re not toys.

The rules include: don’t pester or harass the cats, don’t wake cats which are sleeping, don’t make too much noise and don’t feed the cats (unless it's treats handed out by the staff).

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Visiting a cat cafe can feel a little strange at first, however Tabby Teas is a wholesome place to take time away from studies. Or somewhere to take your visiting relatives for a change that isn’t the centre of town or the local pub.

Find out more information about Tabby Teas here.