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Here are seven Sheffield inspired pancakes for this most holy of holy days

Forget the lemon and sugar, it’s time to pimp those pancakes

The day we have been waiting for has finally arrived. That's right, it's pancake day. A day for all to enjoy because who doesn't love pancakes? This year we have gone beyond the classic combos, like Nutella and strawberry or the bittersweet lemon and sugar, for something even better and even more Sheffield.

Here are a collection of the finest pancakes that represent the delights of the Steel City we all know and love. And if you are thinking Henderson's relish cannot possibly replace maple syrup, think again.

Pop Tarts Pancakes

Because there ain't no pancake like a Pop Tarts pancake. Like the night itself, this pancake stack is full of non-stop retro pop. This tried and tested colourful creation comprises a layer of strawberry jam, white icing, sprinkles and lots of party rings.

Of course, there are no rules when it comes to the Pop Tarts pancake stack, add any colourful biscuits you like or just chuck an entire toaster Pop Tart on there. The taste is sweet and honestly delicious so give it a go. Don't forget an obligatory passion bomb is a must to wash this plate of yumminess down.

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The Varsity Stack

With Varsity just around the corner, it seems appropriate to start showing our support. And nothing says "bleed black and gold" like a stack of black and gold pancakes.

For this creative stack, we have added crushed Oreo biscuits to pancake batter and yellow food colouring. If you find yourself short of Oreos but want a bangin' Instagram, you can just burn your pancakes. Just keep that little fact to yourself and DON'T consume. We might be students but we still have some standards when it comes to our diet…most of the time.

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The Blue Pint

We've all had more than a few blue pints whilst at Sheffield but now it is time for the pancake version. Mix some blue food colouring into your batter, and VK if you wish, and stack em' high.

This makes for a glorious treat that won't find you falling down the Corp staircase and embarking on the totally worthwhile trek to Broomhill Friery in the early hours of the morning. Smarties and blue icing are optional but highly recommended.

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The Choco Milk Shot

A West Street Live classic turned into a pancake masterpiece. For this you'll need a shot of chocolate milk on the side and cocoa powder to make your mini pancakes super chocolatey.

In true West Street Live style, we strongly encourage the addition of alcohol to your chocolate milk shot, and hey why not the pancakes too. It is a celebratory day after all.

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If Conduit Road was a Pancake

The famous Conduit road re-imagined into a huge stack of pancakes. Not your average stack of round(ish) pancakes but the large slope is ideal for drizzling buckets of maple syrup or Nutella down. Sheffield students might get defeated by the real Conduit Road, but the pancake stack has nothing on us. This means war.

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The struggle is real

The Hendo's Relish Stack

A classic condiment for any Sheffield dish, and this includes pancakes. If your toppings are usually more on the savoury side then why not give this one a go.

You might find yourself ditching the maple syrup forever, or looking for the nearest rubbish bin. Either way no one can doubt your devotion to Sheffield traditions. An aesthetic stack, but I can safely say this will never be sampled by myself again. Never. Ew. Just no.

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Chips and Gravy

Everyone knows that on pancake day you are expected to eat pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but who says you can't incorporate this classic Northern cuisine into your pancake diet?

With some chocolate and food colouring, anything is possible. Just be aware that slightly raw pancake mix is a no go, so the mushy pea/pancake creation is for aesthetic purposes only. Unless you're feeling brave of course.

Why not add real gravy? No judgement here.