The Leadmill sent free pizzas to a girl whose 21st was ruined by some fuckboy

And this is why they’re the most iconic club in Sheff

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Last Saturday, a Sheffield Hallam student messaged The Leadmill to say her and her mates wouldn't be able to make it to their night out.

Their friend, who was celebrating her 21st birthday, was feeling down due to an argument with a boy and didn't want to go to The Leadmill as promised.

Rather than sending a short response or simply not replying, Leadmill decided to cheer the girls up by sending them pizza.

According to Shaz, who posted the tweet, Leadmill sent her and her friends pizza after she messaged them saying her mate couldn't make it out for her birthday.

When she told the club, Leadmill sent them a margherita and a pepperoni pizza to make sure her 21st birthday celebrations weren't ruined.

The Leadmill told The Tab Sheffield: "We couldn't let an argument ruin her night, especially her 21st! It was the least we could do." If only all friends were as good as Leadmill are.

So, the question we all want answer to is whether there is any hope of them sending out more free pizza? "As for whether it was a one off or not…guess we'll just have to wait and see ;)." Oh Leadmill, you tease!

In the meantime, you can usually catch them handing out free food at their Friday club nights, such as cake, burritos and pancakes. If only all Sheffield clubs were as generous with handing out free scran. An actual kitchen at The Night Kitchen maybe? Pop Tarts at Pop Tarts? Guess it's Balti King for us then.

The original tweet now has over two thousand likes, along with comments in awe at such a random act of kindness. A simple gift of a couple of pizzas managed to save this girl's birthday, and what might have been a pretty sad night in. Is The Leadmill the best club in the Steel City? This group of girls would probably agree.