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Lectures at the University of Sheffield could be disrupted next month due to strike action

Be prepared to miss out on lectures that you were definitely going to go to anyway…

Staff at the University of Sheffield could go on strike next month after members of the Universities and College Union voted overwhelmingly in favour of strike action.

The dispute comes as a result of Universities UK proposing a new pension scheme for UCU members which would see them allegedly losing up to 40 per cent of their current pensions.

At least their pensions won't have to pay back massive tuition fee debts…

The Uni of Sheffield was joined by 60 other universities in favour of industrial action, with 89.3 per cent of UCU members at the University of Sheffield voting in favour of strike days.

According to the UCU, strike action will begin on Thursday 22nd February with a two day strike planned, which could increase depending on progress made in talks between the UCU and Universities UK.

Better get down to the Diamond or the IC to catch up on all the work you're gonna miss

Fear not young ones, the university are determined to keep your super expensive learning experience on track.

A spokesperson from the University of Sheffield said: "We will do our utmost to ensure that the student experience is not affected by potential industrial action and that any disruption is kept to a minimum."