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Hallam student empties boyfriend’s bank account just because he was ignoring her

She withdrew over £1,400

Uni relationships over the Christmas break can be a tricky business.

You may find yourself in situations where you're not sure whether the text you just sent will be the last to your partner, getting yourself into a mindless panic just because they haven't checked their phone for five minutes.

However, a couple who attend Sheffield Hallam have gone viral after a girlfriend went to extreme lengths to ensure her boyfriend would reply to her.

She took all of her boyfriend's money out of his bank account, just he was "ignoring her".

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She also left a reference on the statement which read: "I'm a dick".

Thankfully, all the money was returned and according to the replies to the tweet, the couple are still happily in a relationship.

Some Twitter users were outraged by the whole event, venting their frustration by telling Angus to "bin her" and calling her a "psycho".

All in all, it seems as though this is just a joke that's got out of hand.

Maybe you'll think twice next time you can't be bothered to immediately reply to your other half.