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What your IC outfit says about you

We get it, you plan on being here a while

In January, Christmas is long gone, it's cold and exams are ruining your fun. The IC has become your second home, and you've begun having nightmares about forgetting to plug your headphones in before blasting your tunes. You're half the person you were only weeks ago, and chances are everyone can tell the state of your revision through your outfit.


You want everyone to know you're planning on being here all day. And you're prepared, you told all your housemates about 15 times that you're going for a long one at the library and you'll probably remind them a couple times during the day as well with your 'guys I'm so stressed' messages in the group chat. You've definitely brought a packed lunch and a water-bottle that you'll display for the entire day to prove you're serious. But in reality, you'll do minimal work, talk too loudly, and your degree will remain coasting along at a 2:2.

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Culottes and a t-shirt

You want to be comfortable, but you also still care about looking good. You're chill, you sip your flat white while sat with your New Balance or Air Max on the chair. You've prepared in that you've thought about the hell-fire heat of the IC and taken the opportunity to flash your Comme Des Garcons heart logo t-shirt that the cold has forced you to retire. Two hours after going to the library you'll leave all your stuff on a desk and pop out for lunch in town.

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Joggers, dirty t-shirt and probably no shoes

Definitely asleep alone at a four person table. Definitely surrounded by empty coffee cups. Definitely been there too long, go home. I know you want to be comfortable, but the smell of your feet is making the rest of us very, very uncomfortable. Please stop.

An actual, real put together outfit

You're dressed completely normally, like you would on any other day. You've got a full face of make-up on, your hair is clean, you've got a nice coat hung neatly on the back of your chair. You're already prepared for this exam, you have been for months, and everyone hates you for it.

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A jumper without another layer underneath

You weren't planning on being here, nor do you want to be here. Whoever dragged you into their study session is not a true friend. Within half an hour you'll be contemplating stripping off just to escape the heat of your turtleneck making you sweat in places you didn't know you could sweat.

Skinny jeans

I don't even know, I can't fathom this. Why would you put yourself through that? The chaffing, the lack of free movement, the waist line getting tighter and tighter as you stress eat and forget what decent posture is. You wanted to feel productive, but instead your legs are just itchy.