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All the Sheffield inspired Christmas presents you need this year

From independent gems to a literal picture of Corp, we have you covered

It’s no secret that buying Christmas gifts is incredibly hard. What do you buy for that distant relative who you only see twice a year? What about your parents?

Look no further as all your gift buying worries have been solved. Inspired by our very own city here’s a roundup of all the Sheffield inspired Christmas gifts you need and no, none of them contain the phrase “I heart Sheffield”.

For £26 you can buy a piece of the old Leadmill dance floor

The famous Sheffield venue announced earlier this year that they would be auctioning off parts of their old dance floor online after undergoing a refurb. Demand for the engraved pieces of dance floor proved to be so popular that the first batch sold out not long after the announcement.

Marketed as a perfect gift for a friends you made there, this gift is for the nostalgia fans you know. Who also don’t think it’s odd to display a piece of an old floorboard on their shelves.

Or for £5, you could just get one of the tote bags half of Sheffield seem to own.

Coffee lovers, rejoice.

Sheffield’s most famous coffeehouse the Steamyard is known for its amazing range of donuts and cronuts. Those who love caffeine and cake can now rejoice as Steamyard have some of their very own mugs for sale. Priced at around £8, these cute mugs are a simple but thoughtful gift for caffeine lovers. Or just someone who likes to collect mugs.

Definitely a hot chocolate kinda day. And those mugs… there for sale them.

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Henderson's Merch.

Sheffield’s most famous sauce is everywhere in the city. You’d probably never heard of it before you came to uni here but now it’s a staple of your diet.

If you're short of gift ideas for your food loving friend fear not, there's an entire section of the Henderson's website dedicated to products inspired by the sauce. From practical items such as aprons, cookbooks, mugs and to unusual choices such as phone cases, pin badges and key-rings.

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Famous enough to warrant The Millennium Gallery to dedicate part of its shop to Sheffield's culinary heritage

A literal piece of Corp

Remember all those infamous memories of first year? The ruined shoes, blue pint stained clothes and injuries from the stairs? Well, now you can immortalise those memories with this print of Corp.

Another find from the Millennium Gallery shop, this may be a little expensive for the student budget at £24 but come on, where else would you find a picture of Corp looking so stylish.

Let your friends fill their future home with the things they value the most, like this picture of Corp

Shop Independent

The heart-breaking close of Rare and Racy in June served as a reminder that Sheffield’s community of independent shops is never completely safe. So why not use Christmas to support the independent scene and buy your friends something unique.

A great shop to pick up cute and independently made gifts is Moonko. Situated on Division Street, the small shop sells an eclectic range of homeware pieces, jewellery, plants, posters and candles which would make perfect gifts.

And if all these ideas haven't helped you out, just buy them an Arctic Monkeys album

Because just like steel, Henderson's and Jarvis Cocker, Arctic Monkeys are another of Sheffield’s biggest exports. For maximum “Sheffieldness” I recommend their debut album.