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There’s a cat in Sheffield that has thumbs

The Cravendale advert has come true

It seems our greatest fears may have finally arrived, as a cat with thumbs has been spotted in the Sheffield.

Sighted in the Walkley area of Sheffield, the videos, taken by Sheffield resident Charmaine Richmond, depict a cat with what looks like OPPOSABLE THUMBS.

Charmaine, who works for Luv2MeetU, a dating and friendship agency for adults with learning difficulties, said “I saw it the other night when I was walking down the road to my house. At first I thought ‘wow that cat has right big feet’, but then I was like ‘oh my God, it has thumbs!’”

“My first reaction was to film it. I think it’s a girl. You can hear her extra toe tapping on the floor when she comes up to you.”

“She’s really beautiful and fat. My boyfriend’s really freaked out because of her thumbs, but I think it’s endearing. I’d rate her probably 10/10.”

Cats born with extra toes are known as Polydactyl cats, and in truth, it's not that uncommon. The Guinness World Records note that the cat with the most amount of toes is Canadian cat called Jake, with a huge 28 toes in total.

There are many films depicting alternative realities where humanity, powerless and weak, is overthrown and forced into war and poverty by another species. Then there is the argument that we will one day become superfluous if we give robots too much power, and the world will descend into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Kind of like Brexit, but worse.

Cravendale, for example, ran an advert in 2011 where a man, having denied his cat milk, finds his cat has grown thumbs and is out for revenge. "Cats, with thumbs" it tells us, ominously. "And what if they got together, gangs of cats with thumbs?"

However, with this sighting in Sheffield, it's hard to predict how long it will take before this cat inevitably takes over the world.