This Sheffield student is going to be dressing up as a VK every day until Easter

It’s all to raise money for Movember

Rees Britt, a University of Sheffield student, will be dressing as every students beloved drink, a "VK", every time he leaves the house until Easter.

The computer science student pledged to dress as a VK if he raised £500 for the Movember charity.

His current total stands at £520, meaning the American Footballer will be dressing as a bottle of the alcopops every time he goes to a lecture, on a night out, and even just when he's nipping to Sainsbury's for some late night cookies.

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Speaking to Rees, who came up with the idea in Roar, he said "I'm interested to see how people are going to react, seeing a huge VK walking around so often, to be honest. I'm just glad I managed to raise a lot of money for such a great cause."

He's still not 100 per cent certain how he'll make his costume, but it will probably involve a lot of spray paint and creativity.

You can still donate to Rees' page here.

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