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Let’s face it, living in halls is better than your second year house

Feel like pure shit just want her back x

It’s something I never thought I’d say, but I miss halls. I miss that shiny little hellhole with its clinical lighting and strange carpet that was always dirty and you never really knew why.

Second year promised a lot, the house always seems so perfect when you look around and eagerly sign for it in like November. But now I miss the old days, I just want her back.

It was never that gross

We all took them for granted, complained when they woke us up at 8am on a Thursday morning, but those cleaners were angels. Back then we foolishly thought a couple of dishes in the sink and a few plates here and there were dirty, oh how silly we were. The cleaners saved us from the true horrors of a properly, actually dirty kitchen. The oven, the hob, the fridge; Who knew they could get so dirty? Nothing could ever be that bad because you knew Carol would pop by and sort it all out. But now someone's gonna have to whip out some Dettol spray.

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Everyone was right there

I want to formally apologise for ever complaining about having to walk to Ranmoor for predrinks. Now you’ve got one friend up in Crookes, others down on Eccy road, a couple scattered round the city and you’re in Crookesmoor. Someone’s going to have to do the walk, and you can no longer all just jump in the same taxi back. You can’t just nip over to your friends flat in your PJs for a chat anymore, you’ve got to make plans now, or just spill the tea during your lectures. Everyone is so far apart, I’m not cut out for this long distance relationship.

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Ensuite bathroom I miss you so

Ahh that wetroom. You thought it was bad trying to make your way across your room in the middle of the night? Now you’ve got a whole corridor, and a set of stairs. You had your own personal selfie spot with perfect lighting. There was no one ever in the shower when you needed it, all the toilet paper was yours and yours only, you could have your stuff everywhere and no one cares. Tampons, razors, wax strips, skincare, they could be scattered all over the bathroom with no pressure to contain it all within one basket or one shelf in the shower. It could stink and only you had to know. But now you’re real familiar with all your housemates.

Eduroam, I got you all wrong

I once believed Eduroam was the root of all evil, but now I know it’s Virgin Media. We all complained about Eduroam, it’s crap connection and complete lack of commitment to helping you upload your essay or stream an episode of Stranger Things. I thought I could do better, I thought second year would treat me well with speedy connections, but nope. The wifi now doesn’t even reach your room, and watching a 20 minute show will take over an hour. At least we can be reunited at uni, where you’ll now do all your scrolling instead of your work.

It's all just hills, hills, hills

Endcliffe was flat. No cliff separated you and your friend, you didn’t have to tackle Everest to go to the Edge and get a coffee. But now Conduit is looming over you, no matter which way you go, you’re definitely getting a calf work out.

There's no such thing as warm here

Yeah maybe in summer halls were a sauna, but at least we didn’t have to suffer arctic winters. It’s November and I'm wearing a jumper, fluffy socks and a blanket, and I’m still cold. No, bills aren’t included, no I won’t put the heating on. These old student houses are not built for warmth, the walls are paper thin and you can guarantee somewhere your housemate has left the window open. No wonder I’m spending so much more time in bed.

To be honest, I feel like pure shit just want her back x