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Moving back into halls for second year isn’t actually that bad

Fobs over keys any day of the week

So, moving-in day for second year has come around and instead of moving into a house just outside of the university campus like everyone else on your course, you're back in halls with all the first years. Couldn't think of anything worse, right? Or is it really as bad as it seems? Although you've stepped off the social ladder of university progression by not getting a house and you're no longer a fresher, living in halls isn’t as bad as a lot of people make it out to be, and in my opinion, here's why…


Firstly, you're a lot closer to the university campus in most cases. Being in a central location definitely has its perks for when you've got a 9am start. Yes, there might be a bit of noise from the neighbours coming back from Corp at 4:30am or from the inter-city traffic a couple of hours later; you can let it all slide when all you have to do is roll out of bed and you're pretty much sitting in the lecture theatre.

Also, with everything you could possibly need being in campus, why move? Being surrounded by shops, pubs, clubs and everything in between, you're in a pretty ideal location. Don't get me wrong, the idea of getting a house is very appealing, but the scenario of a 30-minute trek from the suburbs is definitely beaten by the thought of a potential lie-in.

Value for money

The guarantee of all bills being included is a definite perk of halls. A fully fitted kitchen and a bedroom with more than enough room, you're pretty much sorted for a very reasonable price. Although not a major factor of why students move back into the fresher palaces; the lack of guilt of turning on the radiators without the worry of burning out your bank balance makes the cold January exam season that little bit less stressful.

“But it’s more expensive in halls!” I hear you cry. That is true, but the with the 24-hour security on hand to make sure you don’t burn the kitchen down and the usually decent en-suites, you can’t go far wrong.

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'As long as I've got me a place to sleep, some clothes on my back and some food to eat…'

The social side of Halls

The opportunity to widen your social circle is a great deal easier, because parties in halls are so much more sociable! Many second (and even third) years go back into halls as a group of friends but living with a large collective of people in a block of flats allows for you to get to know more people from different years and walks of life.

By the time Freshers' Week has ended, you’ve most likely got to know more people than you would if you were in a house and it opens you up to new viewpoints whilst at university. Who knows, Popworld could actually be enjoyable with your new flat mates.

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There's nothing really like flat parties in halls!

All in all, halls does what it need to do. You've got decent facilities, a short commute to uni with everything you'll need on your doorstep and great opportunities available for a very reasonable price. Granted, halls aren't the most glamorous places on campus and they might not be your dream crib for second year, but it really isn’t as bad as people make out and you never know, you might actually prefer it to the 8-bedroom terraced house you originally applied for.