If Game of Thrones characters were Sheffield clubs

But which club is ‘The King in the North’?

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Question: What are the two things Sheffield students like the most?

Answer: Game of Thrones and the sesh.

With plenty of booze, a dash of romance and the occasional fight, it's easy to mistake a night out in Sheffield for a night in Westeros. And just like Game of Thrones has a whole host of uniquely brilliant characters, so does our city when it comes to clubs.

So, without further ado, here’s our list of Sheffield clubs as Game of Thrones characters.

Roar would be Jon Snow

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Is Roar ‘The King in the North’ when it comes to Sheffield nights out? It’s cool, it’s popular, and it’s full of topless lads with the physique of Night’s Watchmen (including the odd Samwell Tarly). The playlist can become quite repetitive, like Jon’s ability to escape death time and time again, but you may find that Roar’s team spirit can get you chanting along to lyrics for this night and all nights to come.

Pop Tarts would be Daenerys Targaryen

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Just like Daenerys and her dragons, Pop Tarts has a huge fan base amongst Sheffield students. Any criticism in the presence of a diehard fan could earn you a cross on the road to Meereen. Of course, some may hate on the cheesy tunes (Lannisters!), but the masses keep coming back for more. Could Pop Tarts be the Khalessi of club nights?

Corp Skool Disco would be Hodor

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It’s big, it’s simple and it’s loved by all, even if it’s not the nicest smelling club in town. However, hearing the same old playlist every Wednesday night can become rather irritating, much like the constant repetition of the word “Hodor”. I swear, if I have to dance around in circles to Cotton Eyed Joe one more time, I’m going to throw myself to the White Walkers.

Leadmill would be Ned Stark

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Whilst Leadmill can get quite busy at the start of the year, it’s dead within a few weeks. Even so, the club’s loyal fans will fight to the death to defend its honour. Just as Ned Stark’s victories in Robert’s Rebellion earned him the respect of Westeros, Leadmill’s impressive history of live acts has given it legendary status amongst alternative music lovers.

West Street Live would be Tyrion Lannister

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It may be small and looked down upon by some, but West Street Live sure is a fan favourite. With good music and cheap drinks, a night at WSL can have you partying like a dwarf with a belly full of wine. And even after most other clubs have closed in the early hours of the morning, you can always rely on WSL to keep the party going.

Tuesday Club would be Jaqen H’ghar

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Shrouded in mystery for all who aren’t down with the electronic scene, those who dare enter the doors of Tuesday Club may end up leaving as a different person. With tickets selling out every week, you could find yourself praying to the Many-Faced God in the hopes you’ll get one.

Code would be The Hound

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Some may complain that Code is a bit grim and prone to violence, but really, it’s not that bad. Or, at least, you may think it’s not that bad until you get punched in the face by a 4 am mosh pit. Yet, despite Code’s bad reputation and large number of haters, the DJs are always friendly and rarely fail to play requests. Perhaps Code may have a softer side after all.

Plug would be Sansa Stark

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Whilst Plug can occasionally put on a good night, most of the time it’s a bit useless. Despite its big name and the odd big act it attracts, the playlist is often generic and repetitive. Some may find Plug boring, much like Sansa.

Bierkellar would be Bronn

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Bierkellar has got to be one of the funniest, rowdiest and most entertaining bars in Sheffield. You'll almost certainly find yourself buying endless flagons of beer, singing at the top of your lungs and dancing whole-heartedly on the tables, much like Bronn after a good day's fighting. Drinks all round? Sure, as long as I’m not paying!

Bongo’s Bingo would be Olenna Tyrell

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Although it could be described as the old lady of club nights, Bongo’s Bingo is still very cool and knows the secrets to a great night out. You could even end up as rich as a Tyrell if you’re paying attention to the game. But with the banging tunes and killer atmosphere, you’re bound to have a good time regardless of whether you win or lose.

Popworld would be Jorah Mormont

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Just like Jorah Mormont’s unconditional love for Daenerys Targaryen, no one cares about Popworld. The songs are generic, the drinks are way too expensive and there’s usually about five people in the entire club. Would anyone even notice if Popworld disappeared? Now that I think about it, how in the Seven Kingdoms has it survived for this long? Perhaps it would be best for everyone if Popworld simply made a quiet departure.

Featured image credit to Lily Shimmin.