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Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: pre-Halloween party

Some people even dressed as Santa

As Halloween gets closer, the fancy dress game gets stronger. Last week we gave you the best of the medics' fancy dress bar crawl (plus a Tank costume which was so big I thought it was part of the smoking area), but this week it's all about the run-up to Halloween.

Prepare for the good, the bad, and the unicorns. It's the bloody clubbers of the week (literally).

Squad of the week

The knee-highs complete the look

Best Disney tribute

Reach for the sky!

The best of basic

9/10 execution

Suavest clubbers

Has anyone ever been so happy to be in a headlock?

Political statement of the week

Most seasonally confused clubbers

Come back in a month or so

Rogue unicorn of the week

Most confused squad photo

Seriously, what is going on?

Scariest clubbers

Basically just the guy at the front but still

When you don't have a costume and have to improvise

VKs solve everything

Photography by Calvin Merry and Leo Bojesen