We spoke to the Sheffield man who changed his middle name to Yorkshire Tea

Tea makes him feel like nobody else

For millions of us, life without tea just wouldn't be the same. Got a long day ahead? A nice cuppa will make it more bearable. Lots of work to do? A nice bit of tea will power you through. Mid existential crisis? Just stick the kettle on, you'll be sound.

One man, however, has taken his love of tea – and in particular the best kind, Yorkshire Tea – to dizzy new heights.

We spoke to Nathan Yorkshire Tea Garner, a Sheffield resident who loves the stuff so much he changed his name by deed poll…

First of all, how did the name change come about?

I was at work one day, having a cup of tea, and one of the lads I work with said "if you drink any more tea, your middle name will be Yorkshire Tea." So I went and changed it.

And what has the reaction been like?

Oh, it's been crazy. I've been in all newspapers, on local radio stations, all over t'internet. I had a message today off a guy who's in Australia. He's in Sydney and he wants to talk to me. He's a radio presenter there.

We even went round Yorkshire Tea HQ last Thursday, for a tour round the factory.

A true sign that Nathan has made it

A true sign that Nathan has made it

As an expert on the subject, describe the perfect cup of tea.

The perfect cup of tea…it's got to be brewed for at least five minutes. Then you put two sugars in, and always put the milk in last.

How many cups of tea do you have a day?

Up to twenty a day.

Do you have a biscuit with your cuppa, and if so what?

It has to be a chocolate Hobnob.

Finally, I think we can safely assume your favourite brand.

Yeah, Yorkshire Tea. Every time.