Hallam Tower has been demolished today

It will become ‘high quality housing’

Sheffield landmark Hallam Tower has been demolished today, as part of plans for new housing in Broomhill.

The building, once a glamorous hotel, has been abandoned since closure in 2004.

In 2009, plans to demolish the Tower and replace it with housing were approved. However no work commenced until the site was purchased in 2015.

The existing Hallam Tower has been demolished almost completely, leaving only the two bottom levels intact.

Photographs of the site taken this morning

Photographs of the site taken this morning

Once building commences, the entire tower will be rebuilt and extended slightly with two new four-storey blocks. In total, the work will create 122 apartments and 11 three-storey townhouses.

The plans for demolition were hurried following the tragic death of a University of Sheffield student in the derelict building.

Thomas Rhodes, a 19-year-old Geography student died in March after fatally falling in Hallam Tower.

Aside from being labelled an 'eye sore', it is hoped that the demolition of the building will make the area safer.

The Liberal Democrat councillor for Fulwood, Andrew Sangar MBE said: “The shell of the tower has been an eyesore blighting the local landscape for far too long.

"Following the completion of the demolition, I look forward to the construction of high quality housing. I hope that this construction can take place sooner rather than later.”