Tab Me Out Sheffield: Nominations are now open

Let the balti see the king

Sick of being single in Sheffield? Looking for someone who's 100 per cent your type on paper? Then you're in luck.

Nominations are now open for Tab Me Out Sheffield. No likey, no lighty.

It's going to be a bit like Take Me Out, but without Paddy McGuiness and his catchphrases.

We're going to be seeking to set the good single students of Sheffield up on blind dates with each other. Let's be honest, the nights are drawing in, it's getting bloody cold and we all need someone to snuggle up to.

You can either nominate a friend (with their permission, of course) or you can also nominate yourself.

All you have to do to apply is send us the nominees name, a photo of them and a bit about themselves, as well as what they will be looking for in a partner, to [email protected] Make sure you put "Tab Me Out" in the subject box.

Nominations will stay open for the foreseeable, so get applying!

(Disclaimer: we'll only send you to the isle of Fernando's if you're paying).