Your ultimate guide to everything there is to do in Broomhill

Your freshers’ stomping ground

For many of us, Broomhill is near and dear to our heart. As the stomping ground of Ranmoor and Endcliffe students, Broomhill is student territory at its finest with everything you need in one stretch; shops, pubs, and food for every level of mess, from sober, to drunk, to cripplingly hungover. It’s probably the first place you went solo food shopping without your parents, and also probably the first place you vommed on the street. Here’s your guide to Broomhill.

Five Rivers

One of Broomhill’s newest additions, Fiver Rivers Coffee Co serves up Vietnamese coffee, lunches and desserts. With a cosy cushion room, this is the perfect scene for catch ups or an after uni chill. Order the traditional Vietnamese phin filter coffee with condensed milk and a banh mi for the true Five Rivers experience.


If you're after a pizza that doesn't taste like drunken regret, head to Proove. Stop off for a cute lunch with the gals and grab their lunchtime deal of a pizza, salad and drink for £6.90. Woodfired pizza on the cheap is the ultimate student luxury, and definitely upgrade the drink to a glass of wine.


All you could need right on your doorstep. With everlasting deals on drinks and hummus, and the beloved salad bar, Morrisons is the go to. Infinitely better than Sainsburys and open till 11 for your last minute bev dash. There's also a Tesco, and arguably the worlds best fruit and veg shop; Fruit A Peel.

120 Bus

Your saviour, your one true love. The 120 bus is all you'll ever really need, taking you from Ranmoor and Encliffe, down through Broomhill, to uni then onto the city and station; all you need is £1 and your student card. Ideal for rainy days, or when you're too broke for a taxi to Leadmill. A blessing that arrives every 10 minutes. Hallelujah!

The York

You can’t go wrong with a classic pub and The York has all the showstoppers with the addition of an extensive cocktail and gin list. With different drink deals every month and regular foodie events, The York is perfect for a slightly more upscale pub experience. Ideal first date setting for dinner and drinks by candlelight.

Nottingham House

Maybe not a first date setting, but definitely a Sheffield student staple. Slightly further down from the main stretch of shops, Notty House Pies are a must. Serving unreal vegetarian pies as well, no one will ever complain about a trip to Notty House, all smiles, all the time. I don’t care whether you get mash or chips, just go. Also, their Monday night pub quiz isn’t one to miss with free entry and free nachos. Notty House treats us right, and we love them.

Broomhill Friery

Where else can you go and get your post-night out drunken chips served to you by a relative of a celeb? Time your exit from an SU night out just right and crawl up to Broomhill Friery for some cheesy chips handed to you by Sean Bean’s nephew. A key player in the sacred circle of beloved Sheffield takeaways, you’ll never regret it. Okay you might.

Balti King

Going for a sit down meal at 3am might sound odd to your average person, but in Broomhill, it’s totally normal. Every single Indian classic you could ever want, right there, after a long night. You’ll never know relief like sitting down in one of those chairs with a naan after a big one.

Everything you could ever need, just one short uphill walk from your flat.