Your go to guide for iconic Sheffield nights out


Your fresher's week nights out will be some of the best you've ever had, but that's only if you're properly prepared.

There is a place to go every night in Sheffield, the venues may differ dependent on your music and 'activity' preference, but there are a few that you won't miss out on.


Somewhere you will become familiar with is Corporation. Corp Mondays and the Skool Disco on Wednesdays are arguably two of the biggest nights out for Freshers in Sheff.

Now, Corp is all fun and games when you are dressed appropriately.

Be sure to pack your white shirt and school tie and be prepared to lose everyone you arrived with amongst the sea of blue pints and tartan skirts. The attire is optional, but you'll be the only one not wearing it.

A key aspect of Corp preparation includes a specially designated pair of 'Corp Shoes'. You do not want your nice new Converse ruined by the mysterious liquid that is Corp Juice, a mixture of blue pints and who knows what else.

The Tuesday Club

The Tuesday Club is not a night for the faint hearted. However, if you do enjoy a night of House music from some B-List DJs then whip out the Ellesse hoody and baseball cap. You might even want to order a season pass if you'll be going every week.


If you're sporty (or even if you aren't) you're likely to find yourself at Roar on a Wednesday from time to time. Roar is the hub for topless rugby players, fun-loving cheerleaders and everything else we love about sport at university.

Whether you're celebrating your latest victory, or fancy chirpsing some sport personnel, be sure you wear your sportiest attire, even if that is your Year 12 netball kit. You could even try to outdo the Cricket Team on drinks purchases – they bought twice as many as the next best society at Christmas.

The Harley

If you're up for a night you probably won't remember, Thursday is a good time to head down to The Harley, the home of soul and funk music and dreams. Keep an eye out for Souljam tickets as well – they go fast and it's one not to be missed.

The Leadmill

If you make it to the weekend, then you're probably off to Leadmill on Friday. Sheffield's longest running live music venue and nightclub. With it's 80's vibe interior and array of music genres you're sure to find something you love. Crack open a Red Stripe and have your £1 coins ready for the photobooth!

Pop Tarts

Pop Tarts is the most iconic night out of all in Sheffield. Held at Sheffield SU every Saturday night, tickets go on sale the Sunday before at 10am, so make sure you're poised to get them for your friends as the event has previously sold out in minutes. Even if you hate it, you'll definitely go again.

Make sure you join all of the Freshers' pages on Facebook to ensure you catch the last minute ticket sales from the hopeful who just can't make it out. Once an event is sold out, you can guarantee there will be tickets flying around the pages until moments before doors open.

West Street

West Street is the home of Sheff bar crawls, amazing drinks deals and many unnerving sights – especially on Saturday nights. You'll find the bars you love, the chicken shops you trust and the nearest cashpoint on your first trip down it. Be sure to head into West Street Live for some scarily cheap drinks deals and some live music. And don't forget Tiger Works on a weeknight for your £5 round!

Carver Street

Towards the end of West Street, and if you aren't lured in by the bangers seeping from the depths of Bierkeller, you'll find the home of Hallamnation and some of the best nightclubs in Sheffield. Keep an eye out for the cheesy events at Pop World (S Club 7 and Chuckle Brothers appearances) and make sure to chuck on your glad rags if you decide to venture to Viper Rooms or Crystal. And don't worry, you'll be reassured to know there are usually police cars and ambulances nearby, waiting for someone to have one too many VKs.

Good luck and may the blue pints hit you right.

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