It’s official, Eccy Road and Endcliffe are the most expensive places to live in Sheffield

They’re the worst student areas

A recent study on The Star has found that Ecclesall Road and Endcliffe Park are among the most expensive areas to live in Sheffield. Fulwood, Broomhill and Crookes came close behind, whereas Broomhall and the City Centre were almost the cheapest.

The study, conducted by, measured how much you would have to earn in an hour to live in each area.

Ecclesall, Ecclesall Road, Endcliffe Park and Hunter’s Bar were the most expensive student areas. On average, you would have to earn £20.85 an hour to afford to live there.

Close behind were Crooks, Crookemoor, Broomhill, Fulwood and Ranmoor, coming in at £18.94 per hour.

Students with an S3 postcode in Broomhall can be relieved to find a price drop from their Broomhill comrades. A home here would require you to earn just £9.58 an hour, almost £11 less than Broomhill.

One of the surprising results is the cost to live in Sheffield City Centre. Results found that you would have to earn just £9.32 to live there. In addition, students who enjoy spending their cash at Meadowhall will be intrigued to know that you would have to earn just £6.64 per hour to nab an S9 postcode.