Sheffield ranks in top 20 fittest universities

We’re officially fitter than Leeds

The University of Sheffield has officially been ranked the 17th fittest uni in the UK, according to dating app Happn. The results were based on where the most matches have been made, and Sheffield students have been busy swiping.

Whilst we’re slightly surprised that fleeces and waterproofs can be considered fit, it comes as no shock to know that Sheff students have picked up some of that northern charm and charisma.

In the league table, LSE, King’s College London and UCL were ranked as the top three fittest universities, showing that London is apparently the place to be. But the northerners soon brought it back as Edinburgh, Newcastle and Glasgow all came in the top 10.

Sheffield students will also be excited to know that we’re fitter than Belfast, Leeds and UWE.

Claire Certain, Global Head of Trends at Happn, said: “If you’re heading up north and looking for romance this September, you’re in luck. Who knows if it’s the chilly weather or northern charm bringing people together, but love is in the air at the UK’s northern-most universities.”