Slide into their DMs: Hallam are using Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter to recruit freshers

Do they have Tinder too?

Sheffield Hallam are revamping their clearing process by using Facebook Messenger, Twitter DMs and even Snapchat in a bid to recruit prospective students.

In preparation of A Level results day, Hallam promise socially awkward teens a route to escape the dreaded hour-long phonecall with their clearing hotline. It would appear someone told Sheffield's other uni about social media this summer.

Are filters allowed or no?

Are filters allowed or no?

Joe Field, social media manager at Sheffield Hallam told The Guardian: "We used Facebook Messenger [last year] to initiate the application process, giving applicants an alternative route.

"This year we’ll offer Facebook Messenger and Twitter DMs as ways people can enquire about course availability, and for us to get basic information about applicants’ suitability. We’ll also field questions on Snapchat, but won’t use it for applications.”

Although it remains to be explained how Snapchat will actually be used for the clearing process (Who is taking the photos? Are they staff selfies?) the prospect of using social media to nab a uni place will likely be a relief to many. Maybe sliding into a stranger's DMs really is a good thing.