Best Dressed: Tramlines Special

There’s a lot of glitter and sequins in this article

Festivals are a hotspot of edgy fashion, and Tramlines in Sheffield was no different. With plenty of sequins, glittered faces and vintage Adidas jackets, here’s a round up of some of the best dressed people.

Sophie, Psychologist, 32

Sequin dresses for the win

Maddie, Nurse, 22

Bohemian chic

Hannah and John, Employees of the University of Sheffield, 31 and 28

You can’t beat a bit of colour at a festival

Mel, Medical Student, 21

Excellent face paint

Romy and Cat, Students, 15 and 17


Vintage coats are always great at festivals

Donna and Amy, Nurses, 51 and 31


A bit of khaki never did anyone any harm

Arike, Eliza and Jenny, Graduates, 20, 21 and 24

A jacket you can tie around your waist is a good idea in Sheffield

Suzanna and Laura, Biomedical Scientists, 30 and 33

Excellent shirts

Valentina, Lottie, Rowan and Emily, Students, 19

Beautiful sunglasses

Bexy and Heather, Charity Worker and International Investor, 24

Hippie vibes always work well

Niamh, Millie and Sasha, Student, Graduate and Fashion Buyer, 17, 21 and 28

Well put together outfits

Stevie, Doc Marten Employee, 24

Well matched textures and prints

Gabby, Teacher, 21

All this outfit is just great

Lizzie, Medical Student, 21

That jacket takes the outfit to the next level of cool

Becca, History Student, 20

Such a lovely dress, and teamed with Doc Martens, it’s flirty and practical at the same time

Emily, Monet, Maddie, Louisa, Amy, Nurses, Manager and Teacher, 24 and 23