Theatre Delicatessen will re-open in a new venue

From an old Woolworths to an old gym

All rejoice because Theatre Deli has found a new home.

The beloved venue in The Moor announced its closure in May after on-going struggles and instability about their home in the old Woolworths store.

They were sad, we were sad, everyone was sad as we said our goodbyes to the magical place that hosts everything from plays to club nights.

Recent events such as Nice Like Rice and the Mind The Gap event that featured performances from Sheffield students showed just how appreciated the venue is, and how much it does for the community.

But luckily we don’t have to be without it as they will re-home in Pow Gym on St Mary’s Gate. They plan on creating a safe space where staff will be trained in sign language, autism and dementia awareness, and host regular pay-as-you-feel events to avoid financial exclusion.

Sadly, Arts Council England have decided to not support the venue, so it will have to work harder to stay open and raise funds. So nows the time to get behind Sheffield’s independent stores and venues, and head down to an event when they open.