Sheff student gets £1,000 compensation after having his ear bitten off outside Hallam SU

It happened last year

On the 30th September 2016, a man had part of his left ear bitten off during a fight outside the Hallam Students' Union.

The victim attempted to break up the brawl, stating: “I was purely trying to intervene in a situation where my friend was being assaulted,” but was then attacked by 20-year-old Sheffield Student, Keagan Abbey.

The attack was described as “completely unprovoked” and left the victim, also a Sheffield student, with a part of his cartilage missing, and disfigurement of his ear.

Abbey admitted to the offence at an earlier hearing, and his family have saved almost £1,000 to give to the victim as a display of remorse. Described as a young man of good character, his defended said the attack was “completely out of character” and Abbey has since withdrawn from university and attempted to apologise to the victim.

He narrowly escaped 12 months in prison, as Judge Paul Watson was prepared to suspend the sentence, instead ordering Abbey to pay £1,000 compensation, and do 200 hours of unpaid work.