Sheffield residents told to save water by showering together

Well that’s one way to break the ice with your housemates

People living in Sheffield have been urged to shower together to save water after increased water use.

An extra 125 million litres of water – representing a 15% rise in water use – have been used daily due to the hot weather.

Yorkshire Water have advised residents to “think carefully about how they use water”, urging them to “share a shower or bath and try to keep time in the shower to a minimum.”

At least you won’t have to use the IC showers

The insightful wisdom continues by advising you to “time yourself by singing in the shower…it’s easy.”

Other top tips from the water saving enthusiasts include only washing car windows, lights and mirrors, as well as the classic local proverb “if it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down.”

Yorkshire Water go on to suggest covering hot tubs when not in use and to fix any leaking taps. Rumour has it that, by doing these, you can save a staggering £18 on your water bill.

Cracking open an £18 saving with the boys

Neil Dewis, head of water production, said in a statement: “We saw a huge spike in demand last weekend which has continued into the start of this week, presumably as people filled pools in their gardens and took extra showers due to the lovely weather.

“So of course we want people to think about how carefully they use water. Does your car really need washing? Will your grass and plants really wither and die in a matter of days without being soaked by a sprinkler every day?

“If your pool or paddling pool is already full, it’s easy to use a sieve or fish tank net to clean out bits of grass instead of having to empty and refill it.”

Cistern bags and an all important shower timer are available here.

Just how many Sheff residents will take on board this sage summer advice and actually shower together remains to be seen.