A round up of everything that happened in Sheffield this year

From alpacas to killer clowns, it’s been emotional

Another year over already? Surely not

It’s been an eventful year in the Steel City – from pop up gigs outside the SU to uni winning a range of awards, and even a new room at Corp. Here’s everything that went down from September through to summer…

The year kicked off with pure joy as Corp opened a new room…

Perfect for when you’re sick of Will Grigg and Pitbull

…and heartache when the men’s hockey bus caught fire

Thankfully no one was hurt in the dramatic blaze, which made the tabloids

A “dabbing society” and its reprobate members brought deep shame upon our fine uni

Of all the things that shouldn’t have happened, this shouldn’t have happened most

“Killer clowns” (remember them?) chased a former BNOC of the Year

What absolute creeps, thank goodness they’ve disappeared

Sheff smashed it by recruiting 1,900 stem cell donors…

If you’re not on the Anthony Nolan register, get yourself signed up, like now

…while uni hired a £29,00 a year beekeeper…

The perfect opportunity to pay off your fees while keeping bees

…and 30,000 of you kicked off over animal testing

So many signatures, but so little impact

Sheffield women marched to Reclaim The Night

The march empowered women to feel safer in Sheffield

Code sunk to new lows and booked Honey G to appear

“When I say Honey, you say”…get in the bin

On a classier note, Niche announced it was reopening

When the bassline drops you know what to do (if you’re over 21/25)

Everyone left Sheff for Christmas just as Arctic Monkeys came home

0114 The Road

Drunk people in Corp drew newly elected President Trump

Making Corp’s smoking area great again

Post-exam Pop Tarts sold out in just six minutes

This woman’s happy because she got a ticket. But you didn’t

The SU introduced the Safety Bus for after nights out

It ensures female students can get home safely

And Dom Trendall made us all proud by introducing a post-Pop Tarts bus service

Not all heroes wear capes

Interval announced a Prosecco festival

It was Sheffield’s first ever festival devoted to the drink

Our beloved Students’ Union was voted the best in the UK…

From Tuesday Club to ROAR, the SU’s got it all

…and they proved exactly why by announcing Darude

Yep, that’s right, actual real life Darude

This was after ROAR played ‘Sandstorm’ 55 times in one night

Overdoing it

Talking of huge tunes, a very drunk Basshunter played Plug

That said, Now You’re Gone and All I Ever Wanted went off

Sheffield’s amazing alpaca farm went viral

We’re still not over the fact that you can literally take an alpaca for a walk

The booze-fuelled fighting got too much, and Dartsity got cancelled.


Cracking open a fifth consecutive year of sporting triumph with the boys

Hearts broke as we said goodbye to the SU breakfast sandwich deal

Nothing has ever been the same since, let’s be honest

A pop up Toddla T gig happened on the concourse

He even brought Coco along and caused a standard Friday afternoon wall of death outside the SU

After a ton of retweets, Bassboy, Skepsis, Darkzy & Bru-C played the year’s wildest house party

Did it go off? Definitely

We were all shocked when Eduroam went down mid-exams

Actually we weren’t shocked at all, just really, really annoyed.

The drama continued as an exam was evacuated due to a bomb scare.

However, things got better as the Sugarhill Gang played the SU

Nothing gets more iconic than Rapper’s Delight

As exams finally ended, Sheffield was named in the world’s top 100 unis

And that rounded off another wild, dramatic and generally wonderful year in Sheff.