UPDATE: Residents react to Kelham Island counter-terrorism raid

Three arrests have been made so far

Yesterday an apartment building near Dunn Street in Kelham Island was cordoned off for a counter-terrorism operation following a bomb scare.

There were reports of 100 officers at the scene, with half armed along two bomb disposal units and multiple emergency vehicles. There were reports of loud bangs from residents at around 5:30 pm as police broke down the door of a second-floor flat to detain a man, acting upon "recently retrieved intelligence", as an officer from the North East Counter Terrorism Unit said.

Since, two men have been arrested in separate locations in Huddersfield and Sheffield, and their properties are being searched. Officers assure the public that there is no connect between this incident and the Manchester attack.

A local resident described a confused, chaotic scene as "swarms of police officers with assault rifles and police tape blocking the road off." She said "I was speaking to a few people who weren't allowed to enter their flats and I was showing them articles on my phone. There was a guy who was shouting from the balcony to someone saying 'it's my neighbour!'".

However, she commented that the atmosphere wasn’t one of fear as she said "everyone was just kind of uniting in confusion and there were loads of neighbours and nearby residents who were chatting and laughing who had never met each other before so in a way it was kind of nice?"

Many residents watched the scene from their balconies as they were told to remain in their apartments as police carried out the raid. And there was a clear atmosphere of uncertainty as the news of counter-terrorism spread.

The reaction was also seen on social media as residents took to twitter with a mixture of shock and confusion.

Police have thanked the public, stating "We understand that people may have concerns as a result of this activity and we are grateful for the patience and understanding of the public while these enquiries are carried out".

We will update you as more information comes in.