We asked the students of Sheffield who would be their fantasy Prime Minister

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

With the election just one week away and so much debate surrounding who our next Prime Minister should be, we decided to ask the knowledgeable students of Sheffield who would be their Prime Minister in an ideal world.

Jess, First Year, Korean

Not a bad shout, Jess

Danielle and Emily, First Year, Sociology

Doesn’t just have to be fantasy, girls.

Elliot, Second Year, Psychology

Everyone’s hero

Elise, First Year, Korean

Well that’s cute

Lucy, First Year, English Literature

His speeches might…drag on…though

Kate, First Year, Korean

If not, he could at least narrate what happens in the House of Commons

Loren, First Year, Psychology

Planet Politics

Nicola, First Year, Accounting, Finance and Economics

Literally, imagine Smithy as PM

Clara and Jenny, First Year, Psychology and Speech and Language Science

Good Game of Thrones reference there

Basty, First Year, Biochemistry and Genetics

We’ve gotta get Theroux this

David, First Year, Aerospace Engineering

Elf? As Prime Minister?

Kelsea, Second Year, French and Dutch

Oh hello, Mr Darcy

Bridie, Second Year, Sociology

Now there’s a debate I’d like to see

Katie, Second Year, Politics

Politics is a marathon, not a sprint