Outrage as Eduroam goes down in the middle of exams

Did they try turning it off and on again?

A deadly plague hit, but we survived.

Sheffield students are known to be a resilient population. And this morning, we survived without Eduroam. We endured morning without Starplus and MOLE during the height of deadline and exam stress. But more importantly, a morning without all our favourite procrastination outlets. We survived without Netflix and Instagram, and I really think the uni should just give us all our degrees now as an apology.

But for real, the ever-awful Eduroam network left students across campus and crammed into valuable IC seats stranded with no wifi from 11am at literally the worst possible time ever. A scary situation when we’re all facing hand-ins and exams.

Social media blew up with some of the most intense #thirdworldproblems complaints ever as we could no longer rely on the internet to do our revision for us. But not just that, card readers went down across campus, so we couldn't even rely on coffee to get us through it. Students have even been warned to call 999 from mobiles in case of emergency, as uni phones are still down.

But our life-line, our oxygen is back. And I think we can all come out of the situation better people.

I'm so proud of us all.

I think we all know that it is more than likely that the servers will collapse again soon, leaving people wondering if or how the uni will respond to missed or delayed deadlines, or how they will deal with exams taken online. Probably just turn it off and on again, and hope for the best.