Everything to do in Sheffield before you graduate

Carpe Diem, people

The year is swiftly drawing to a close in a haze of revision, deadlines and exams, and for sad third years, the final weeks of Sheffield life are passing them by. To help you squeeze every last drop of life out of the city before returning to your drab home town, here’s a bucket list to tick off, to do the things you’ve been talking about doing for the past three years, all before you step on the train to true adulthood.

Visit all the cafes you’ve followed on Instagram for ages but never went to

Head out to Abbeydale or Sharrow Vale and pay a visit to all the hide-away treasures you’ve been talking about since fresher's week. Hit up Forge Bakehouse for breakfast, Pom Kitchen for a healthy lunch then Steel City Cakes for an afternoon treat. Alyssum in Crookesmoor is also pretty special. Stray away from your usual Tamper coffee or Steamyard doughnut, and wander a little further. Get started on this during exam time and justify it as revision fuel.

Actually complete the rainbow challenge

For so long, you thought it was a myth. No one could realistically stomach that much poison, nor would anyone be stupid enough to try, surely? But now is the time. Start slowly, pace yourself and get a good meal in before hand. Who cares if you mortally embarrass yourself? You’re about to leave anyway, so you may as well go down in a blaze of glory.

Visit the Our Cow Molly farm

That one time in first year, when you forgot to stop at Broomhill Morrisson's and had to make a dash to Endcliffe village store to buy a pint of Our Cow Molly milk. You never looked back and have been drinking it ever since, so why not go and pat the cow? Get the 62 bus from Arundel Gate towards Low Bradfield, and treat yourself to some proper, Sheffield Ice Cream. Go on a nice day and spend a little time wandering the countryside for some fresh air post-exams.

Do a street art tour of the city

Put on some comfy shoes and go for a wander. The best way to say goodbye to the city? Walk its streets and see some art that might have passed you by all year. From the station, to Dev Green, to Kelham, the city is drowning in sights to see and insta pics to snap.

Do a Chuck Norris shot and survive

You can do it. We believe in you. Give it ago, just one last time. Although maybe don't try it after attempting the rainbow challenge or you really will be ill. Try and forget about how spicy and vinegary West Street Live's Chuck Norris shot is, and make yourself proud.

Go on an Alpaca trek

After going viral on Facebook a couple months back, have a wholesome Sunday afternoon and go and walk an alpaca. You've probably been talking about going all year but always been too hungover, or too lazy, but now is the time. Make the most of the sun and head to Holly Hagg Community Farm to finally do possibly the most ridiculous-yet-endearing Sheffield activity yet.

Go To Peddler Market

For one last time, put on your best garms and go and stuff your face in a warehouse. If you’ve managed to miss it all year, Peddler is a must. Good vibes, good food, good drink and good music, it’s a great way to feel connected to the community and have a night out with friends that won’t result in anyone chundering (unless you go too hard on the craft beer). Head to Kelham this weekend (2nd/3rd of June), or stick around until the 7th/8th July.

Bar crawl every bar on west street

For a heavier night, attempt to complete West Street. Start soft at The Cavendish, salsa at Rev de Cuba, get in a £5 round at Tiger Works, injure yourself at Bierkeller then end at West Street Live. Do it all, and pass out in Aslans one last time.

Visit all the parks and gardens

Make the most of Sheffield’s greenery in the 'glorious' summer weather. Pack a picnic, get a Frisbee or something, force your friends out and re-visit the parks you probably drank in during freshers. Go play basketball in Hillsborough park, get some pics for Dogspotting in Endcliffe, or roam the museum you’ve probably never been in in Western Park. The weather after exams should be sunnier, so make it a priority.

Go to a gig at Leadmill

If you've gone this long without seeing a gig at The Leadmill, what are you playing at? Not just a great night out, The Leadmill is one of the most iconic live music venues in the country. Opening in the 1980s, it's got a lot of history. An intimate size with an amazing atmosphere, a gig there is a must before you leave.

Drink good Sheffield beer

You’ve been punishing your body with blue pints and VKs all year, so in these last weeks, blow your money on luxury and drink some proper Sheffield beer and taste the brewing scene in the city. Head to Sentinel, True North Brew Co, Sheffield Tap, or at least Brewdog. Don’t like beer? I don’t know then. Have, like, a … gin?

Go to the Peaks

You can't leave Sheffield without wandering into the Peaks for a trek. Put on some walking shoes and just do it. It's one of those things which people always plan to do in Fresher's week, and then never get around to doing it, but it's definitely worth it. Make a point of visiting cute villages, such as Castleton, as well.

Visit Chatsworth House

Slightly pricier at £20 a ticket, but Chatsworth House is a landmark to see, if not only to say that you've stood on the same ground as Colin Firth. Head there before October to see the House Style exhibition, curated by American Vogue's Editor-At-Large, showcasing the power of fashion. I promise it's beautiful. It'll probably make your Grandma happy if you go.

There’s still so much left to see, carpe diem people.