BNOC of the Year 2017: Hallam Special

‘The maroon platoon’


Since nominations opened earlier this month, we have been inundated with applications telling us who they think the biggest name on campus has been this year in Sheffield.

So far we have rounded up the biggest names of ‘Uni Of’ campus, so now its time for their Hallam counterparts. These Hallam BNOCs prove that both unis know how to have fun.

Here are the BNOCs at Hallam. Vote below!

Joe Justin Colquitt, Accounting and Finance, Third Year

Joe loves the sesh. He was once kicked out of Corp for pissing in the smoking area, and on his 21st birthday he bought 10 VKs at 4 am in Tank because of the minimum card spend. We’ve all been there.

However, when he isn’t drinking VKs, Joe also loves a stein in Bierkeller.

Maddy Godfrey, Business Economics, Third Year

Described as “constant legend”, Maddy’s maddest story involves getting a taxi from Sheffield to London after a pub golf hockey social. She woke up in London at 6am, still in pub golf attire, with no money. When she returned to Sheffield, she was straight back in the pub. Amazing.

Amy Moore, Biology, Second Year

Amy has been to A&E on a Wednesday night twice this year. She also lives for the messy midweek sesh.

Sean McCormack, International Business, Second Year

Sean’s biggest BNOC moment was when he was arrested for setting off a flare at Varsity. However, this absolute legend managed to talk himself out of it and get a free ride home in a police car by talking about football and Sheffield’s night life.



Sophie Saczek, Nursing, First Year

“Work hard, play hard” really applies to Sophie, who is known to have attended eight hours of lectures straight after the sesh. She once climbed up the wall to the Corp DJ and did a leap of faith onto her mate’s shoulders.

Her nomination describes how Sophie “wakes up like P Diddy and greets you with a ‘good morning’ after 10 hours of hardcore seshing.” Hangover? She’s never heard of it.

Rachel Murphy, Law, First Year

Everyone knows Rachel. Literally everyone. She once blindly walked into a pole and, her nomination states that “the ground around her shook as she fell to the floor.”

Robbie Grayson, Physical Education and School Sport, Second Year

Robbie’s claim to fame is streaking through a campus building. Yep, really. Notorious on his course, he also had to cough and squat for the Code bouncers once.

Danny Button, Events Management, First Year

Danny has supposedly worked at “every club in Sheffield.” On Facebook it says he has worked at Bierkeller, Paris, Tiger Works and Code, which is pretty impressive.

He also has a metal jaw from when he got punched.

Oliver Biggins, Computing, Fourth Year

If this photo doesn’t convince you of what a worthy BNOC Oliver is, then this story will. One time he got so drunk that he was convinced there was a zombie apocalypse. He walked to the outskirts of Sheffield to find safety in the countryside. He eventually broke into a warehouse to find food and drinking water. Security kicked him out and he returned home at 7am. What a night.