A Sheffield pub is offering free pints to registered voters

You’ll get a pint for your polling card

The Red Deer is offering Sheffield residents a free pint in return for registering to vote.

The pub, which is situated on Pitt Street – just off West Street near The Cavendish – has signed up to the catchy sounding ‘Vote This Year, Get Free Beer’ scheme.

It’s part of a nationwide campaign urging more people, especially students and young people, to sign up and vote.

The campaign’s Facebook page describes politics as “thirsty work” and so participating pubs, including The Red Deer, are offering free pints to registered voters.

All yours when you register to vote

To secure your free pint, you’ll either need to bring your polling card or an email that confirms you are registered to vote and show this at the bar.

At 2015’s election, turnout in the 18-24 year old age bracket was thought to be less than 45%. It was estimated that the 18-24 vote was even lower than this in last year’s Brexit vote.

A recent Tab survey found that almost half of Sheffield students are set to vote for Labour, with almost a third intending to vote Conservative.

In a time of divided, divisive politics, the Red Deer will provide you with a pint regardless of your voting intention.

Drown your political sorrows

With the pub open from midday to midnight most days, you have no excuse not to get registered and enjoy an afternoon tipple or evening beverage in return for doing your democratic duty.

If you’re one of millions of young people who hasn’t registered to vote, the deadline is Monday night. Registering is quick and easy. It can be done here and will take about five minutes.

So, if the thought of helping decide the country’s future wasn’t compelling enough, there’s now even a free pint in it for you thanks to one of Sheffield’s many wonderful pubs.