The Night Kitchen have set up a Crowdfunder for their new venue

The show must go on

The Night Kitchen as we know it is closing next month to make way for redevelopment of the area. However, the team behind the legendary night out have started a Crowdfunder to set up a venue at a new warehouse in Sheffield.

They need to raise £15,000 before 15th June, five days after their closing party at the current venue. The Night Kitchen posted on the Crowdfunder: “We are really keen to transport the vibe and feeling of TNK to the new space whilst at the same time creating something unique and exciting, and above all providing a safe, comfortable and enjoyable place to party for our loyal fans.”

The new venue is scheduled to launch on 29th September. A £15 pledge can get you a ticket to their opening party, so you will be one of the first to see the new venue. £150 can get you an annual membership, whilst forking out £500 can get you a lifetime membership to every TNK event.

The Night Kitchen has brought some of the country’s best DJs to Sheffield, from a variety of music backgrounds. This year it has hosted George Fitzgerald, Artwork and Horsemeat Disco, as well as many others.

Donate to the Crowdfunder here to get yourself tickets to the new venue and ensure The Night Kitchen don’t turn their ovens off forever.