Sheffield’s most eligible bachelorette 2017 nomination: Josslyn Beevers

She’s an avid Pop Tarts attendee and the Queen of Women’s Football

We’re still in search of Sheffield’s most eligible bachelorette and, with hundreds of applications flooding in, we present to you the Steel City’s finest.

Next up is Josslyn Beevers, a fourth year Chemical Engineering student. Josslyn is described by her friends as being Sheffield’s golden girl. Easily recognised around campus by her untameable curls, oversized sunglasses firmly in place and a latte in hand, you’ll be sure to have seen her before.

Josslyn is yet to find the right man to keep up with her jet-setting lifestyle

Besides being found in The Diamond, working hard on her chemical engineering projects, and leaving a trail of broken hearts in her wake, Josslyn leads a carefree lifestyle of travelling and partying with friends. She is an avid attendee of Pop Tarts and can be found on most Wednesday’s at Roar, reminding everyone of her status as the Queen of Women’s Football.

With her best features described as her unfaltering optimism towards life and her ability to decide when its most appropriate for wine, coffee or pizza, or all three together, it isn’t hard to see what makes Josslyn one of Sheffield’s most eligible bachelorettes.

However Josslyn is yet to find the right man to keep up with her jet setting lifestyle and social butterfly status. Could The Tab sort this out for her?

Voting for Sheffield’s Most Eligible Bachelorette opens soon

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