Sheffield’s most eligible bachelorette 2017 nomination: Lily Teasdale

She loves memes and cheesy chip wraps

We’re in search of Sheffield’s most eligible bachelorette and with hundreds of applications flooding in, we present to you the Steel city’s finest.

Next up on Sheffield’s most eligible bachelorette nomination is first year history student Lily Teasdale.

Regarded by her friends as a ‘half Indian Goddess’, Lily is sure to make all the guys fall at her feet. But it doesn’t stop there. This girl has a heart of gold being a friend to the animals. Seriously though, she’s a dog whisperer apparently. Pretty impressive, right?

Though probably not as impressive as her ability to produce memes. It is clear to see why her friends refer to her as a ‘walking meme’.

Lily’s skills as the ultimate playlist creator makes her the life and soul of every pre-drinks, especially when she brings along her finest bottles of £2.80 wine. After pumping out the tunes at pres, you’ll see her one bottle of wine later rapping ‘N*ggas in Paris’ at Corp’s Skool Disco or belting out every (and I mean every) song, word for word, at Leadmill.

An ideal date for Lily would be bowling and a nice meal, because food really is the way to any girls heart, especially if it’s a cheesy chip wrap and chip spice in Lily’s case. When in conversation, be sure to keep your political opinions to yourself if you’re anything but a left wing supporter. After all, no date should end with the phrase “dirty tory” being used.

Political views aside, this gal has top banter that will make you laugh for days. She loves a good meme, a favourite being Stalin holding a wombat each day. Or if it’s from the ‘Sassy Socialist meme’ page, you can bet Lily has seen it because who can’t laugh out loud to their abundance of hilarious memes? Lily Teasdale that’s who.

Will the Tab find Lily a ‘memeable’ man to be her duet partner? Get voting to find out.

Voting for Sheffield’s Most Eligible Bachelorette opens soon. 

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