Luckyfox is opening a new branch on Ecclesall Road this Friday

Just when you thought Eccy Road couldn’t get any cooler

Division Street eating sheffield

Sheffield’s beloved American-style diner Luckyfox is set to open a second branch on Ecclesall Road this Friday. If this isn’t the best news you’ve heard all week, you’re definitely lying.

Renowned for its all day breakfast, Brooklyn-inspired quirky decor (which, let’s be real, we’ve all put on our Instagram), tantalising waffles and fried chicken, Luckyfox has well and truly stolen our hearts.

Usually the busiest spot on Division Street, the opening of a new Luckyfox will ensure you get your fix of buttermilk chicken goodness. It hasn’t even opened yet, and Sheffield has already gone crazy for this second branch popping up at 527 Ecclesall Road, located just a couple of doors down from the Mud Crab diner.

Delighted with how successful the Division Street branch has been, the Luckyfox were prompted to open another one. All being well, the branch is set to open this Friday (12 May). So what better excuse is there to avoid your dismal dissertation or break away from your 8 hours of revision than popping down to Ecclesall Road to check it out?

You’ve probably spent at least 2 nights this semester pulling an all-nighter in the IC, and everyone deserves a study break, right? Go on, treat yourself.