Every thought you will have in the library’s silent study area

Silent study means silent study

Studying at home can be tempting, however when it gets to 5pm and you’re still not dressed and only five pages into your reading you’ll suddenly realise that maybe using the library is a good idea. Plus its easier to get things done quicker when you’re away from distractions. Soon after arriving you’ll realise that the best place in the library is the quietest place, but your time spent there will not be without the following realisations. Here’s every thought you will have in your university’s silent study area.

You never quite realised the beauty of silence

The general area of the university library can sometimes feel like a little overwhelming with the noise constant and movement of people around you. Stepping into the silent study area however, is a welcoming embrace of silence. You never realised it before, but the silence is beautiful and so much easier to concentrate in.

However, people will still find a way to annoy you, just silently

One of the worst things about trying to study in the general bit of the library is people talking. Unfortunately all the things that will annoy you in the library will most likely also occur in the silent study area, only difference being that its done quietly. There will always be someone who will think its okay to continue talking to their friends as long as it’s done at a whisper. Want to talk about your plans for the weekend or how messy last night was? That’s fine, however there’s a place for it and it’s not here.

Music is another tricky one. No one wants to be that person who’s music is audible half way across the room. We’ve all sat next to that person on the bus, so you’ll find yourself pulling your earphones out every now and then in paranoia in order to test the sound and make sure your not annoying anyone.

Silence somehow amplifies your actions

The silence tends to give the place a more serious feel, therefore you feel obliged to be on the ball with work for the entirety of your duration there. Procrastination feels wrong and someone is definitely judging you for being on your phone, watching a football match or looking for some new shoes instead of getting on with your work. Surely that’s what the rest of the library is for.

Also, you will become ever so more aware of your movements, every shift on your chair, tap of the keyboard and turn of the page seems so much more louder than usual. Every students’ worst nightmare in silent study is having to cough or sneeze. You know it will echo across the room and everyone will hear you, unlike in the general library, you can’t hide it.

The dreaded seat fear

There’s only one thing worse than doing the walk of shame in the library after not being able to find a seat and it’s doing the walk of shame from the silent study area. You’d think the silent study would be less popular as most students would choose to socialise while working, you thought wrong. The university’s quest to create ‘futuristic’ looking architecture while sacrificing desk space (looking at you Diamond building) means that arriving to the library after 10am will not guarantee you a seat. Also the absence of noise and general chatter seems to amplify your failure and everybody knows it. Sorry, should have gotten here earlier.

Eating will become a nightmare

When you’re preparing for a long day of studying in the library you need to pack provisions. What should I have for lunch? Should I eat my lunch in the silent study area and risk pissing somebody off? Should I bring crisps? No, never crisps. No one likes the person who rustles in the cinema and its the same situation here. Equally, the last thing you need in silent study is the anxiety of your stomach rumbling and the person next to you thinking it’s a really loud fart. The struggle is real!

The silent study equivalent of the forbidden fruit

How do you answer your phone?

You’re sat in the IC, overlooking the beautiful view that is the chaotic roundabout, when suddenly your phone starts to ring. Luckily, you switched your phone to silent, but how do you answer it? It can go one of two ways. Either you confidently stand up, answer it and pronounce to the room “Yo! Just a sec, mate. In silent study innit” and then walk slowly out nodding at everyone giving you evils. Or, you can panic, go bright red and rush out, tripping over people’s laptop wires as you go, before opening the door and shouting “HELLO?!”

Don’t be Dom Joly in these situations, and don’t be one of those people who thinks once they’ve stepped over the threshold of silent study they can be as loud as they want.