Everything you could be doing instead of going to your end of year ball

‘Tis the season for getting ripped off

It’s that time of year again. You find yourself splashing out on a new dress (or three) and trying to remember how to walk in heels. After spending £40 on a ticket, it’s important for you to look good. However, have you ever stopped to think of all the things you could be doing instead of going to your subject ball?

Buy 10 £4 bottles of wine and invite your coursemates round

If you stay in, a whole bottle of wine is cheaper than a single cocktail at Revs or Bloo88. If you’re seeking the classy vibe you think the ball might have offered, what is classier than Sainsbury’s Pinot Grigio?

Host your own dinner party

Instead of splashing out on a new dress, shoes, ticket and drinks, you could spend your money on a whole meal for you and your coursemates. You can still dress up, but with much less pressure than actually going to the ball. £4 wine is obviously also an essential in this alternative.


Go to West Street Live

You might be all dressed up, cocktail in hand, trying to have a classy good time, but we all know where you’d rather be really. You can hear West Street Live calling you from down the road. Good luck getting in in those heels after a few too many Bloo88 cocktails.

Go out with people who aren’t on your course

Why limit yourself to socialising with your coursemates? If your course is particularly large and you don’t have many contact hours, your subject ball might feel a bit like walking into a room of complete strangers.

Buy 14 blue pints

It might not be as memorable as the end of year ball (you won’t remember anything at all), but it is certainly better value for money.

Book a one-way flight to Dublin

Why not spend the weekend exploring Dublin? With direct flights starting from only £31, you get much more for your money than attending the end of year ball.

Try to buy a ticket to Night Kitchen’s closing party

Ok, so the tickets for this are kind of priceless now they have sold out. However, if you beg on the event page you might be able to get a ticket for around £30. Unless you’re in your final year there will be another chance to go to your summer ball, but there will never be another chance to go to Night Kitchen RIP.

Literally buy 80 cups of tea or coffee from John’s Van

You will won’t have to go to a 9am without a caffeinated beverage for a long time.

Eat eight chicken tikkas from Balti King

For those who prefer a classy curry, or eight.

Have brunch at Alyssum for you and four friends

Everyone knows that brunch is the most important meal of the day, so why spend on a fancy dinner with your course when you could take four friends to brunch?

Eat 30 pots of hummus from Sainsbury’s

The great hummus shortage of 2017 has come to an end. If you don’t buy a summer ball ticket, you can afford 30 puts of hummus. That way, if all your friends end up going to the ball and you’re sat at home feeling major fomo, you can sit in bed and eat hummus with a spoon whilst you scroll through photos and wish you were there.