Sheffield pub ranked in the top 20 coolest pubs in Britain

It used to be an Edwardian Refreshment Room

hallam pub sheffield

The Sheffield Tap has been voted the 16th coolest pub in Britain, according to The Times’ latest guide to the best drinking destinations in the country.

The Edwardian-style pub, situated between Hallam Campus and Platform 1B of Sheffield Station, has been praised for being ‘so sophisticated that when you walk in, you actually feel elevated. It recalls the days when important pubs were more pleasant than the houses we lived in, and is a reminder that rail travel needn’t always be a ‘grubby experience’.

The Grade 2 listed pub was formerly within the Edwardian Refreshment Room and Dining Rooms of the station. Disused from the 1960s, restoration only began in 2008 with the help of private investment and a grant from The Railway Heritage Trust. The pub is now described as a “World Beer Freehouse” which sells over 200 different types of bottled world beers.

Part of the lure of this old-school pub is its focus on selling unique beers. The Sheffield Tap boasts: “It would be a tragedy to fill with the usual ‘big brand’ nonsense. It is therefore befitting to the building that we house the best beer possible. We source our beers from all over the world, assisted by our own import company”.