Sheffield legends get 2k retweets for Bassboy to play at their house party

They still need retweets to get Skepsis there as well

Thursday 8 June could see one of the best house parties to ever hit Sheffield.

A group of second year students, led by Josh Johnson, have managed to get the one and only Bassboy to play at their house.

What’s more, they are now trying to get Skepsis on board for a very special back-to-back.

Josh messaged Bassboy – who’s more used to playing Detonate and Tank than student pads – to ask about the retweets needed.

Given the target of 2,000, Josh has already gone above and beyond that mark with this tweet:

With Bassboy in the bag, and one legend of the bassline scene not enough for the ambitious flatmates, they have now also approached Skepsis.

Having heard about the party, Skepsis said “2k retweets on this and I’ll B2B Bassboy.”

The Skepsis tweet has also hit the ground running with over 650 retweets – but 2,000 are needed for the back-to-back:

Josh and his flatmates Mickey, Elliot, Jimmy, Millie, Molly and Grace are now hoping they can turn ambition into reality.

The DJs cause carnage wherever they go, so get your screw faces at the ready.

Skepsis’ finest works include bassline anthems Goes Like and One Tune, and Bassboy’s remix of Baby Cakes transforms the original into a filthy floorfiller.

Even more excitingly, there will be a secret headliner on the night if figures are reached.

Get retweeting and who knows, you could end up on the guest list for Skepsis B2B Bassboy – all at an 0114 house party.