Flying via Amsterdam is cheaper than getting the train to London

£55 return flights versus £57 single train?!

As the end of term comes within sight, thoughts begin to turn to travelling home. Whilst most of us have come to terms with the exorbitant money gulf that is East Midlands trains, it seems that we’ve been horrendously bland in our methods of travelling. Why should we give in to crumb-ridden train journeys with no WiFi and screaming children?  It’s the end of term, and it’s time to spice up our lives.

If you live around London, it’s your lucky day. With Flybe you can officially fly from Sheffield to Luton (via Amsterdam) for just £55. All you need to do is hop on a direct flight from Sheffield Doncaster Airport (yes, that is a real airport), and for just £33 you’ll be free to roam ‘Dam in just over an hour.

If you’re fancying a post-exams mini-break, why not extend your stay? Take the chance to explore the sights: get artsy at the Rembrandt House Museum, take a romantic cruise down the canals, or get experimental with the local delicacies. Once you’ve sufficiently lived the vida loca, all that’s left to do is hop on the cheapest flight to London Luton Airport for just £22 with Vueling Airlines.

With prices like these, and the seed of a wild end-of-year blowout planted in your imagination, it almost begs reminding how fantastic an opportunity this is. But if you’re not quite tempted yet, just compare these flight prices with a standard, one way midday train ticket travelling from Sheffield to Luton on the same day (9th June).

Not only is your travel time almost an hour longer (just to travel a few miles down south), but the cheapest standard single ticket is a whopping £57.60, meaning that your return international journey to Amsterdam would actually save you a whole £2.60 in travelling fees. We always knew that British Rail was a joke, but sometimes you just need a bit of reminding of how far that train fare can really get you.