Sheffield’s most eligible bachelorette 2017 nomination: Emily Banks

Prepare to be blown away

We’re in search of Sheffield’s most eligible bachelorette and with hundreds of applications flooding in, we present to you the Steel city’s finest.

Our next bachelorette is Miss Emily Banks from Derbyshire, or Big Bad Banks as her glowing nomination says she likes to be known. Emily is a second year politics student and is described as having “beauty, brains and banter”. Who could possibly resist all that?


Her nomination hones in on her “long brown hair and cracking arse- enough to make any guy swoon”. Detailed as a long term tinder user and abuser, Emily is apparently ready to put down the app for the right man.

Emily is on the equestrian society committee and so knows a good ride, but according to her nomination she’s still looking for that “one thoroughbred stud to tame her”. Not content with just one sport, Emily is a keen runner and skier as well. Amazing.

With  a penchant for the finer things in life, Emily enjoys nothing more than tucking into her beloved M&S dine in for two before hitting Roar. Her Roar aesthetic often includes fancy dress along with a few G+T’s and Strongbow dark fruits.

A crown and all.

Emily’s talents include being able to make anyone down their drink  and an “awful/seductive” booty dance to Shakiras hips don’t lie. Be sure to look out for her on the SU dance floor.

To top it all off, its not just the nights out that Emily lives for. According to her nomination, she loves nothing more than a night in watching Suits in her Calvin Klein bralette with a pizza from Proove. If you want to find your way into Emily’s heart, her nomination recommends presenting her with food, take note gentleman.

However be quick, as demand is high, with 3 guys dedicating their Halloween costume to her in the form of ‘Emily’s Angels’.

Emily with her angels.

Contrary to many a Broomhall urban legend, she’s not all about the sesh as “she studies politics, does loads for charity, is part of Enactus and is a Lloyds scholar therefore is clearly no slouch in the brains department either”. This girl has it all.

Voting for Sheffield’s Most Eligible Bachelorette opens soon.