The SU breakfast sandwich deal is no longer

Goodbye old friend

The latest Hustle & bUStle email announced a great tragedy.

Starting from the 24th April, a new breakfast deal is hitting uni cafes, giving us a croissant and regular hot drink for £2.65. A joyous announcement for anyone that likes hot drinks and pastries.

But hold on a minute.

The announcement of the new deal signals the death of our beloved 11am breakfast sandwich deal.

As of the 13th April you will no longer be able to get a breakfast sandwich and regular hot drink for £2.95. Goodbye old friend, no longer shall I run to you.

The new deal does offer the choice of basic, chocolate and almond croissant which I guess is something. But come on, is nothing sacred anymore?

A pastry will not satiate me like my regular Quorn sausage sandwich and chai latte. Hearts are breaking all across campus, the weekly catch up with your mates is crumbling before your eyes.

Not only that, but now the deal is only available till 10:30am meaning that the deal cuts out right in the middle of your 10am. The 10:50 panic of ‘will I make the deal?’ will be no longer, you will have already lost.

The Thursday morning Corp cure, a bacon sandwich and an americano, waiting for you in Jessop West café right after your seminar? It is no more.

Do pastries ease hangovers at all? We will soon find out.