A major fashion exhibition is on at Chatsworth House

Putting the Peaks on the fashion map

Looking for something different to do over the Easter break? Why not head to Chatsworth House. Their new exhibition, House Style, explores five hundred years of fashion. It is perfect for fashion and history fans alike.

The exhibition runs until October but there is no better time than now to go. Entry to the exhibition includes access to the gardens, which look even more beautiful in the Spring.

It turns out there is more to Sheffield than checkered shirts, with the exhibition displaying pieces by brands like Prada and Chanel. If you have been wanting to visit Chatsworth, now is the best time to visit as a house and garden ticket also gives you access to the exhibition.

The house’s elaborate architecture lends itself to the display of beautiful clothes. House Style offers escapism into a world of luxury. It gives you a glimpse into another world, where designer clothes are status symbols and parties always involve champagne.

It’s not all serious though. Some of the most memorable pieces are the Duke’s slogan jumpers, with lines like, “Life’s a bitch and then you die” and, “Bollocks!” printed on them in capitals.

Next time you are heading out to the Peak District, instead of another pub walk, take a look at Chatsworth House Style.

The exhibition runs from March 25 to October 22 2017.