Your guide to the best falafel in Sheffield

Look no further for deep fried chickpea heaven

Sheffield is a pretty vegetarian friendly city. You can get seitan “chicken” burgers at Burger Lolz and BBQ jackfruit “pulled pork” at The Harley, but where would we be without the staple food that is falafel?

Your favourite deep fried chickpea snack comes in all shapes and sizes and it’s not just a food for veggies either. The falafel market has expanded across Sheffield and we have curated a list of all the best places so you never have to go hungry for falafel again.

Falafel King

If it’s a falafel wrap bigger than your head that you’re searching for, then look no further than Glossop Road. Prices start at £3 for a regular falafel and hummus wrap. Add a range of salad and a sauce of your choice. You can also add halloumi, aubergine or chicken.


Famous for their falafel happy hour, from 2-5pm Monday to Friday, you can get £1 off any falafel wrap at Fanoush. This means you can get a falafel wrap for less than £3. What a bargain. Situated on Broomhill, Fanoush is just a short walk from Endcliffe and a perfect meal to grab on the way to or from uni. Not only can you get plain hummus in your wrap at Fanoush, but you can try chilli or coriander hummus too.


Humpit is the mecca of hummus and pita, but they also do falafel. You may have been lucky enough to try it for free as they often hand out free tasters outside their restaurant on Leopold Street. You can add falafel to a stuffed pita, or top a bowl of hummus with it. The falafel is really the underrated gem of Humpit. If you want to try them on their own, make sure you get some mango sauce too.

The Harley

The Harley is known for its Twisted Burgers and boozy milkshakes, but next time you go, skip the fries and try the falafel. Wittily named, “Highway to Falaf-hell”, they really should be called “Highway to Falaf-heaven” because everyone knows that falafel is heavenly. They come with a delicious, spicy coconut and coriander dip.

Bar One

The falafel and spinach burger is just one of three veggie burgers on offer at Bar One, but a true falafel lover needn’t glance at the other options. This falafel patty is topped with vegetables and soya tzatsiki. Who needs meat substitutes when you have deep fried chickpeas?

The Botanist

If it’s fancy falafel that you’re after, then get down to The Botanist. Listed under the hanging kebab section of their menu, this veggie alternative is served with halloumi, garlic butter and couscous. Dreamy.

Grill and Go

Grill and Go is pretty much a second rate Falafel King, but if you crave a falafel wrap but can’t be bothered to leave the SU at lunchtime, then this is the place to go.

New Leaf

Next time you get a New Leaf salad, make sure you add falafel. Combine with chickpeas and spicy chickpeas for all the chickpea goodness possible. It will be worth the effort of ordering in advance or queuing through your whole lunch break, as is New Leaf ritual.


Falafel for breakfast? Now you can eat falafel at every meal of the day and who wouldn’t want that? At Alyssum, your falafel will come as part of the all day vegan breakfast with potato rosti, house-made salsa and avocado. Yum. Start the day as you mean to go on; with as much falafel as possible.

Your local supermarket

Falafel has made its way into the mainstream and most supermarkets now stock this wonderful chickpea based snack. The most common brand is Cauldron. Serve with hummus and salad in a wrap. It makes an excellent packed lunch.