Uni of Sheffield are crowned Varsity Champions for the fifth year running


Yes, we’ve done it again! The University of Sheffield have smashed another Varsity win for the fifth time in a row.

Uni of Sheffield needed just six points to be crowned the 2017 Varsity Champions as of this morning.

Considering Hallam’s boat capsized before they’d even started their first sailing race, it’s safe to say Uni of were heavy favourites to take the title.

Varsity 2017 has been an exciting one. The score board blew over sending Hallam into the lead for a good 30 seconds.

Uni of Sheffield’s victory was secured by the Men’s Lacrosse 1st team, who bagged a 7-3 triumph over Hallam to tip Uni of over the vital 40.5 points needed to win the competition.

However, tensions are still running high in the steel city, as despite the win for Uni of, the all important Ice Hockey win is up for grabs.

Can Hallam retain their Ice Hockey Champion’s title from last year, or has that ship sailed? Too soon?

Featured image credit: University of Sheffield